Saturday, January 4, 2014

Love Babies, Save Babies!

"Abortion is harmful to our community," according to Samantha, director for Prolife by Purelife.

According to Rachel House crisis pregnancy center statistics,
"Abortion is a big problem. In Kansas City alone more than 9,500 babies are lost to abortion every single year...
"More than 50% of all those abortions happen in the lives of teenage girls and women under 25. And for each young woman – there’s a man who experiences the loss of fatherhood and there’s a child never born...
"In fact, 43% of all pregnancies in African American women are aborted, a sobering statistic that’s slowly shrinking the African American population into eventual extinction..."

Can you believe this???  Almost 10,000 babies a year...the entire population of a medium sized town, are killed, in our local Metropolis.

Doesn't this irritate you? Doesn't this make you mad?!!!  Since when IS IT OKAY to KILL our CHILDREN?  Make a stand.  Don't allow it in your circle.

Stop being complacent today. Choose LIFE!  Encourage young ladies to choose life...if they are pregnant!  And then help them get plugged in to a local church, local job skills and life skills. Babysit! Read the Bible to them...

We, as Christians, don't want to be known for encouraging a lady to have the baby, but then offer no support and love after that precious baby is born!

Love children, love your spouse, care about someone else today.  Break out of your 'electronic bubble' and think about how you can make an eternal impact.

Your Pardner,

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